Elements of Apocalypse

Big rock pool shot makes me a geometry wizard

Turns out elf dancing is normal dancing

Constable found us in the quarry, I would have thinked he was following us but that can’t be because he didn’t come in until after the fight was over. He sure was tired after walking down into a cave and then back home. I think he would not make a good group member. We walk a lot. But we stopped all the bad guys and the big bad guy ran away. We win you lose.

All of my practice picking up money paid off. I found a whole Mirabar talon on the ground. That’s worth like five thousand copper pieces. I had this weird feeling that it might not land in my bag when I threw it but I shrugged that off and no problem. I am so great.

That wasn’t all I found either! There was floating rocks and I could push them. They weren’t heavy even though they were so big. Dwarven rocks are too heavy for pushing. Red Larch must have hollow rocks. I bet my sister would find that funny . Maybe if I can get home I can tell her about the hollow rocks. Then they would know why all the buildings here are short.

The hollow rocks didn’t even do anything. Dumb to have all these hollow rocks and then there’s no secrets or hiding spot. Grund and constable man said something about the future telling but no one can tell the future. They said I wouldn’t be caught but I was.

Missed Grund at the tavern. He had the best jokes and never tried to trick me. Maybe we’ll see him tomorrow. And Globo got us some steaks. Nicely done halfman. Common is a funny language you can make jokes that aren’t jokes. Pun I think. Fun.

Oh! Dusty made friends with a loud drunk guard-lady there and she told us about a caravan. Said it was from Malibar! I want to go look at it for Hali. She was nice to me and nice is nice. Dusty also wants to go so maybe we’ll all go together. That will be more fun. I can hide in the woods while Dusty and I tell stories on the way. I don’t know what to look for when I find the caravan. Funny that she just wanted me to find a bunch of dead people.

The beer at the bar was ok just be because it’s been so long. I didn’t have a beer at all after we found hands-man. That’s his name now because he had all those hands we found. Nice to be back in town. I feel more comfortable around the buildings now. I used to feel better in the caves but I don’t know about these forests. Towns are like small caves if you stay near walls and you can surprise people just like the crannies in the old tunnels. I just wish they made better beer. I don’t have time to make my own and the water smells heavy.

Eiio was more talkative, which is good. Seems to have recovered from the bop on his head and I made it through a rest safe and sound. I think we’re going to be great friends. I think he dances really pretty. He went real quiet when he started dancing and didn’t say nothing for the rest of the night. Globo though. He dances like an blacksmith who forgets he has an axe. People get mad when I dance with daggers even if it makes nice swooshing noises so I just leave them alone now.

I think tomorrow will be fun. I better get more paper since I write big enough to make sure anyone can read my book.


KevinMac becous

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