Elements of Apocalypse

Dusty's Journal Day 12,818

Bringers of Whoa

Dusty’s Journal Day 12,818

Led by Dusty, the party delved further into the caves beneath the quarry. They found a young boy. Though frightened, he was persuaded by Dusty’s power to describe the villains, their vile deeds, and the layout of the cruel place. He hinted to an Orc guard, who turned out to be a fan of Bard Name. Perhaps he’s heard the Bard’s songs of Dusty, or maybe it was something about pickles. The Orc led us deep into a fearsome fight (skeletons again?!). Dusty’s might proved fearsome for the foe, who had to gird himself with magic and flee. Only by foul magics against fair Dusty did the fiend escape to live another day.

Dusty’s private notes:

Missed a day in the journal. Just one day. It seems like more, but those were Grandpa’s days. When I tell his tales, I’m careful. I weave in details to humanize him, the sort of details besotted Leah would never record (doors? pits?). But Grandpa was no simple man. He sought no simple deed, nor quarry. His days would carry a thousand stories. And his treasure, hoarded by my fretting parents, would carry me through a thousand years and the weight of my desire besides. Ungrateful villagers. I’ll show them all. (By saving them all).


KevinMac BecCous

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