Elements of Apocalypse

Name and Grund

Friends forever

The adventurers stood, surround by corpses of man and rodent as Dusty regaled them with another exciting, if poorly timed, tale of his grandfather Rusty saddlebags. As the story drew to a close, they decided that it might be a prime opportunity to continue to explore. That is, everyone except Globo. Who, despite pleas from Dusty and Name, felt the need to chase his own dragons once again.

Leaving him, the rest of the party moved on to a chamber with a small stone floating in mid air. Dramora stepped forward and pushed it until it suddenly fell to the ground with a crash. Now that all they had was a decidedly boring stone on the ground, the group decided to press on.

Passing through a heavy stone door that Dusty opened with pride, they found a small room with a reconstructed statue of a dwarf standing at the center. Striking a pose, Name showed that all dwarves do, in fact, look the same. In front of the statue they found a small stack of treasure and a dagger with Reszur engraved on the pommel. Speaking its name caused the blade to emit a faint light. Name decided to check if it could be triggered over and over again, and was as pleased to find that it could be. Dramora teased her friend by triggering the magic while it was attached to his belt.

Heading East, towards the entrance, they found young boy pinned under stones. He pleaded to be set free. After some debate on the potential danger of eleven year-old boys, Dramora and Dusty insisted on freeing him from his makeshift prison. Once freed, and rehydrated from a water skin, the boy explained that he was being punished by his father, Rotharr Hatherhand and they mustn’t tell his father he’d been freed early.

As he spoke, slowly recovering from his imprisonment, Eiio appeared suddenly from the darkness with a shout, causing to boy to shrink back in fright. He attempted to flee, but was held by Dusty long enough to inform the party of a group called the Believers that listened to the “message of the stones.” He also mentioned a priest that had recently joined the group and that he feared. With that, Dusty released his arm and he ran off towards the cave entrance, sliding deftly between the fallen cage and the wall.

The group turned back, determined to find out what was going on under the town. As the delved deeper they found themselves confronted by a familiar face. Grund, the half-orc they had met in the market was surprised to find his friend Name deep under the town. He had been asked to watch the door into the chamber beyond, but he decided that his friend Name was definitely not the sort of person he was supposed to stop.

Together, Name and Grund pushed open the door and revealed a large stone chamber. In the center sat a lit lantern, which illuminated a several stones floating slightly off the floor. Some lay on their sides, others stood as arches. Dramora, listening for the sounds of wind, stepped in the room and up to the lantern. In the darkness the soft sounds of incantation were heard and Dramora had to quickly sidestep a bubble of acid.

A well armored priest appeared from the darkness and informed them that they could not be allowed to leave this place. With a second incantation he summoned forth a terrible noise that knocked Eiio immediately unconscious. Dusty, already dreaming of the songs that would be sung of this moment, dashed into the room to dispatch the fiend.

At first, it looked as though the priest could not stand up to the blows of Dusty’s mighty sword Nameless, but the sorcerer had more tricks up his sleeve. Though bloody and weakened, he summoned a magical shield to absorb Dusty’s blows and, holding out his hand and pulsing with power, slowed time to a crawl for those around him. While Dusty struggled to finish him, pushing forward as though stuck in thick fluid, the sorcerer gave himself incredible speed and disappeared into the darkness.

The group had no time to lament losing the sorcerer however, as they were immediately set upon by an unfortunately named group of bandits called the Bringers of Woe. The sound of loosed strings rang out in the darkness and Dramora fell to the ground, struck down by her natural enemy, crossbow bolts. Meanwhile, Eiio teetered on the edge of death, as though nearing the embrace of an old friend. He may have passed on the Raven Queen if not for the heroic actions of his friend Name. Name, knowing that only his medical skills (and kisses) could keep the drow in the material realm, ignored the bandits and snuck through the shadows to his friend’s side.

Once he knew Eiio would survive, whether he wanted to or not, he returned to deal with the bandits, alongside Dusty and the surprisingly robust Grund. Together they quickly dealt with the Bringers of Woe.

Just as the group settled down to help their wounded teammates, they heard the sound of footfalls in the hallway. As they prepared to raise their weapons once more they recognized the short steps of their wayward friend Globo. “Did I miss anything?” he asked. “Nothing at all,” was all Name could reply.


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