Elements of Apocalypse

New dagger stab stab

Where do all the mages run?

I wrote a song for friend Grund. He showed us the floating rock room. Floating rocks. I thought all rocks were heavy.

Pickles are delicious
Grund is big
Maces hurt
Smash and smash

I think this will be famous like Dusty said my songs will be. Maybe family takes songs as artifacts if they are sung in pubs. Maybe they will date silly light dagger? I don’t know stories of any light daggers. Probably not. I like it. It has nice colours and is really sharp.

We also met a boy. I forget his name. He was scared but that’s ok. We all get scared sometimes. My sister told me we learn when scared so I can get scared a lot. Like when the magic people fight. That’s scary. Eiio and Demora don’t like magic people (KABOOM). But I can fix all the problems just like mommy showed me. I need to teach Grund how; he didn’t to it right. He pushed on cuts instead. Silly. What will pushing do?

Boy lied though. This town is a bad town. Missing people. Dead people trying to hurt friends. Now scary metal face man hurts friends real bad. Dad would say he needs to learn a lesson. I’m a big boy now. I can teach him about lessons. Maybe he will give me artifact for learning.

I guess we go back to Red Larch. It was nice being in tunnels again.


KevinMac becous

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