Drow (Dark elves)

__ Note: Most player characters would not know this much about the drow. Eiio does.__

The drow live in a number of city states that tend to matriarchal, though strength and cunning rule. They revere the spider goddess Lolth, who created them as a mockery of the elves, a creation of Corellon, her former mate.

Lolth lords over all of drow society, often appearing in mortal form for significant religious ceremonies. Due to her influence, drow society is run as a theocracy, with the highest ranking house providing the High Priestess for religious ceremonies. Power changes hands often as Lolth respects cunning above all else.

Typically the society of the drow is strictly matriarchal, with all of the highest ranking religious positions being occupied by priestesses that were sufficiently cunning to kill their forebears, and to avoid being assassinated by their underlings (so far).

Recently, Xerebeos has become First House under the careful stewardship of Skia Xerebeos. Shortly after becoming First Priestess she died without suitable heir and the drow found themselves with a first Priest, Gaeadil Xerebeos, for the first time in their long history.

Many drow find this an affront to nature and call out for house Xerebeos to fall. Surprisingly, Lolth has not yet intervened. Some suggest she respects the ambition and underhandedness of Gaeadil, others say she’s simply letting it play out for her own amusement.


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